Collaborative, personalized health coaching

Our certified diabetes educators will support you closely through your health transformation, with small lifestyle changes that result in significant health outcomes.

Chron Connects

Collate health data from different sources, into a single picture of your well-being. Connect fitness trackers and health monitors, to view patterns and understand triggers.

Chron Tracks

Improve adherence with our easy-to-set-up care plan and never miss your schedule. Collaborate with your care teams to adopt life-changing habits that create lasting impact.

Chron Coaches

Our curated educational content will help you make better lifestyle choices. Receive health coaching from certified educators and ask your health questions - anywhere, anytime.

Our Focus: User Experience, Clinical Outcomes

Our highly engaged and empowered users have:

Lowered average blood glucose by 60mg/dL (from 160 to 100) in 60 days

Reduced weight by 3 Kgs in 60 days by making small lifestyle changes

Controlled gestational diabetes with real-time coaching by experts

Our bundled smart care kit will make your life easier.

No more manual entries! The FDA-certified smart health kits are configurable and connect directly to the Chron app, via bluetooth.

  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Prediabetes
  • Type 2 Diabetes

I like the Chron app and service very much, especially on account of the care provided by my extremely knowledgeable coach. Her support is very encouraging and she has helped me overcome my fears of gestational diabetes by providing real-time feedback. I hope Chron can reach a larger number of women who will be able to benefit, like I have.

Ms Lalitha User

Adoption of healthy lifestyles is the most effective preventive modality for progression of prediabetes to full blown diabetes. This app perfectly complements healthy lifestyles and keeps users motivated. For individuals with established diabetes it will help in reducing complications.

Dr Renu Doctor

It's a great app to manage diabetes. I find the auto-generated health report quite comprehensive and very easy to interpret, and can print it whenever I visit the Doctor.

Mr Balachandra User

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